About Me

Charles T Daly
253 Howard St., Bangor Maine 04401

I am a long-term strategic thinker, who believes that the right team of people can accomplish anything.   I work every day to be the best I can be and show other around me how they can do that as well.   I pride myself on being highly motivated, creative and flexible.  I have a work ethic that is unstoppable and strive to ensure success every day.  I believe that through the sheer power of positive thinking and perseverance, good things will happen.  I still maintain a keen sense of reality and facts.  Allowing me to have the ability always to be upbeat, but quietly work through problems and solutions in my head.

I am highly competitive and enjoy success.  I am not afraid to say that I do welcome the sense of accomplishment found in title and stature, but not at the expense of people around me.  I believe you can have professional goals, without the need for recognition.  Remaining humble and grounded is the key to being truly successful.

I approach every day as a chance to learn something new.  I certainly have a good grasp of my morals and ethics, but believe that when you work for a company your responsibility is to the greater good.   You work for a company for the purpose of adding to their success.

I accel at creating efficiencies where people need them most.   I have tremendous success in seeing easier, faster and more efficient ways of doing a typical tasks or jobs.   I also exceed in being able to rally people to a common cause despite that cause or effort possible unpopularity.   I have been described as a “change agent,” and have seen plenty of times where I was the voice of reason.  I am patient and methodical with my approach.  I never have a bad day, and I ensure those around me don’t either.  I am exceptional at building customer loyalty and support.

In the end, I believe you can’t pay people to care.  You have to have that within and learn to use it to the benefit of everyone around you.

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Marketing and Sales

In the age of social media, it takes someone who can not only understand the technology but adapt it to methods of business that are relevant to a companies success.  I can provide a unique all in one approach to understanding the needs and implementing the action plan.

Business Administration

20 years of Management experience in various business settings; enables me to see more than the “problem at hand.”   Drawing from real life experiences to be measured and pragmatic in my approach to issues big and small.

Web Design

Have been doing web design, on the side, since 1997.  Started out as a hobby and was quickly asked to do the tasks for others.  I continue to do this work professionally today.

Web Development

Web development has been a progression for me.   I can develop advanced file sharing sites to small time tracking systems.  I excel at using my operational background, to envision systems, to make an everyday task easier through web development.

Graphic Design

In building and developing web designs, you inherently fall into graphic design.   I have always had a talent for creative graphics and designs.  With an understanding of the tools; I have been able to transfer that into some great design work.


Absolute best boss I have ever had.

‐ Former employee

Charles has outstanding strategic and analytical skills.   Wise beyond his years.

‐ Former supervisor

Charles is someone who can get things done.

‐ Community member

Charles is someone who can achieve anything.

‐ Former supervisor

Charles is by far the most easy going and flexible person on staff.

‐ Former supervisor

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‐ A Client
1999 - 2002
Adult ed IT instructor • Houlton Higher Education

Taught classes for the Houlton Higher Education in 1999 – 2002.  Classes taught were:

  • Intro to Windows
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Power Point
  • Access
Town Councilor • Town of Houlton

Was elected to the Houlton Town council in 2000.

Mental Health First Aid Trainer • National Council

The primary role of instructors is to teach the Mental Health First Aid course. When they offer the course, instructors must teach the full 8-hour course with fidelity to the core program model and key messages. Each instructor has a set of materials to help guide them through course facilitation.