January 17, 2017

Employee job satisfaction is extremely important.  As leaders, we must understand that there has been a pivotal shift in the workforce mentality.   Employees can (and do) have the ability to seek employment when they feel unappreciated or not valued.    Some companies have a tendency to view employees who leave under these circumstances as “probably wouldn’t work out anyway”.  Never taking the time to understand if there are opportunities for improvement in job satisfaction.   Then there are companies that can get so involved in exit interviews, simple things can be overlooked.

Maybe it is as simple as remembering to say thank you.  Maybe job recognition doesn’t always have to be awards and elaborate celebrations.  Maybe a simple thank you to staff for the work they do everyday reminds them that people do care, and do appreciate what they contribute.  While I am sure it is not a silver bullet to every situation; it certainly doesn’t cost anything to try.

Thank you!


Charles T Daly
Charles T. Daly